Will Wright to help Mr. T fight Nazis

In new action-brawler. Not making it up.

Zootfly is developing a game based on the Mr. T graphic novels (or "comic books", if you will).

Predictably, it's not a flight sim. According to the studio's website you can expect "knuckle-whitening action-adventure, furious brawler combat" and "gravity-defying platforming", along with, perhaps less excitingly, "environmental puzzles".

The storyline sounds amazing though: Mr. T will "take on Nazis and their gigantic machines in the varied universe of South American rain forests, lost ancient cities, industrial complexes and contemporary military installations".

It gets even better: Spore and Sims creator Will Wright will appear in the game as "a top-notch American geneticist who was kidnapped and coerced to work on a diabolic plan".

Yes, "Mr. T and Will Wright will join forces to annihilate the Nazis and their hardware." Concepts don't come any higher than that.

I Pity Da Nazi Fool, or whatever the game ends up being called, is in development for PC, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360.

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