Wii Tony Hawk: Ride supports Miis

All three SKUs use "exact same" board.

Activision has revealed that Tony Hawk: Ride on Wii lets you skate as your Mii avatar.

This feature separates the game from PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, which are also due out on 4th December.

"One of the big wins for us is that you can skate as your Miis. We kept asking to get this feature in, and Nintendo liked what they saw," producer Yale Miller told IGN.

Tony Hawk: Ride famously sports a plastic, motion-sensing skateboard controller, which you use much like the real-thing - a little or a lot depending on the difficulty level set.

All three versions use "the exact same controller", according to Miller, and cost 99.99 in a game-plus-board bundle.

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