Wii Sports 2 not inevitable

Iwata not keen on "easy" option.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says that a Wii Sports sequel isn't the inevitability you might imagine.

Speaking to Japanese blog in an interview partly translated by GameSpot, Iwata says: "We're not closing our doors to the possibility of a sequel, but it's definitely not coming out soon."

Rumours of a Wii Sports follow-up have been doing the rounds since last December. The original game comes free with US and European consoles, and is sold separately in Japan.

Doing a quick sequel would undoubtedly be popular, but Iwata reckons that that's the "easy" route and that by taking it "you disengage yourself with the pursuit of true entertainment".

And of course it all ties in with Nintendo's grand plan to grow the market rather than simply pumping out sequels to diminishing returns. "Even if we make great products, if the number of new customers doesn't increase, it won't reach people," he says.

Besides, if they did a Wii Sports sequel then people would be less impressed by my bowling skills. So, good work.

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