Wii Party due out this Christmas

More mini-game compilation action.

Nintendo has announced that its new Wii party game compilation, announced in Japan recently, is due out "this holiday".

It's called, as you may remember, Wii Party, and it features gorgeous people in lifestyle lounges-- wait, sorry, that was just the press conference demo.

It really features 13 party games and over 70 mini-games.

Press materials released after the conference confirmed that up to four people play together and there are some details on mini-games and the rules in general.

Apparently one game involves four players each placing their Wii remote on a corner of the table (table sold separately yo). Each one then emits a different animal noise, and the first player to pick up the remote emitting the noise of the animal on-screen wins. Another mode is hide-and-seek where, yes, the other players leave the room and you hide the remotes. Steady.

Miis can get involved too in games like Balance Boat and Board Game Island. The latter is where Miis tackle the 70 mini-games, like shooting down floating balloons and playing virtual tag.

Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime described Wii Party, which is being developed by Nd Cube, as another "bridge title", similar to Mario Kart (22 million sales) and New Super Mario Bros. (14m), designed to appeal to a wider audience.

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