Wii Kirby pops up in Nintendo financials

No date but set for Japanese release.

A listing from a Nintendo financial document suggests the company plans to release a new Kirby game for the Wii in the future.

A launch schedule included in Nintendo's recent Q1 financial results report lists a game called "Hoshi no Kirby(Temp.)" for release on the Wii in Japan. The title doesn't list any other regions for the release, which is dated "TBA".

Kirby's last headline appearance on a home console was 2003's Kirby's Air Ride, a racing spin-off for the GameCube. A more traditional GameCube Kirby game was planned at one point but never saw the light of day.

Kirby's latest portable release, Kirby Super Star Ultra, sold an impressive 2.3 million copies, suggesting the pink puff still has some drawing power among Nintendo fans.

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