Web-based Might & Magic soon

Online game next spring.

Classic fantasy RPG franchise Heroes of Might and Magic is to make its way online in the form of a web-based online game, reports.

The game, to be called Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms, will allow "thousands of players" to "lead gigantic armies against each other, master the trades or create legendary heroes," a statement read.

The game will be browser-based, meaning no download or installation will be required, and play sessions can last anything between a few minutes to several hours, depending on the player's own preference.

The publisher's chief creative officer, Serge Hascoet, commented: "This is a new type of game for Ubisoft, one that allows you to jump into a rich and complex universe just with your Web browser."

"Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms will open a wide door to the Might and Magic universe, allowing players to immerse themselves within it unlike ever before."

The game has been scheduled for a spring 2008 worldwide launch, although no details on price points or subscription packages have yet been announced., eh? What's their problem?

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