Wearable Achievements for Avatars?

Microsoft has grand plans for mini-you.

Microsoft is asking Xbox 360 owners what they want for their Avatars in the future.

The survey (reproduced on Kotaku) spills some interesting ideas, like special Avatar clothing handed out for in-game Achievements.

There's also talk of a virtual world for Avatars to interact in (a place they can call Home) as well as the possibility of pets and vehicles for the virtual clones.

Other suggestions include using Avatars more in games, whether people are controlling them or not; one idea has the AI use your friends' Avatars to populate your games with.

Clothing and animation creation tools are mentioned, as are ways for your Avatar to express your current mood. There's also an intriguing suggestion for an automated make-it-look-like me Avatar-creation tool, plus another automatic feature to make Avatars wear game-themed attire such as pirate costumes.

Integrating Avatars for use on Facebook is another idea on the list.

Microsoft also asks how keen people are on buying items for their Avatars, or if they want to be able to look like celebrities. Kotaku's list "strongly disagrees".

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