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The first half of the game tipped.

Bryan Forbes

With his white suit and slicked-back hair, Forbes certainly looks like the big player Lance purports him to be. But as you soon find out, something about him doesn't quite add up. When you want to find him, just look for the 'F' symbol on the map.

Money for Nothing
Forbes' needs to move some drugs but the cops are crawling all over him. He wants you to drive a decoy van to lure the law away from the real delivery. Go and pick up the decoy van then drive to the warehouse in Little Haiti. As soon as you leave the building you'll receive three wanted stars. Head straight to the main highway and drive south towards the docks. Swerve in and out of the trees and traffic to make the cops crash. When you reach the docks, turn around and head back the way you've come. Ideally you need to be around the Pay 'n' Spray in Little Haiti when the progress bar fills, so you can quickly lose the police presence. Lance's Caught as an Act mission is now available.

Leap and Bound
This tough mission is available after completing Snitch Hitch for Lance. Forbes reveals the identity of a businessman who will only meet Lance one on one. Your brother asks you to watch the proceedings from a distance. Go to the vantage point on top of the downtown building and watch Lance through the binoculars. When he is attacked, run to the pier and follow the speedboat using the conveniently placed sports car. Lance is dragged onto the large boat moored in Viceport. To get onboard you need to use the makeshift wooden ramp. It's possible to make the jump in your sports car, but it's much easier on a bike as you can hit the ramp at a better angle. Once onboard, shoot the guards standing in your way and head down into the hull. Run down the steps and shoot the guys guarding Lance from the metal ledge. Now head back and take the passageway on the right. This leads you through the engine room (watch out for more guards) and eventually to Lance. To finish the mission, you need to collect several pieces of contraband. One is in the room directly above while the rest are up on deck - use your radar to determine on which level the contraband is located. When you have them all, jump off the boat and meet up with Lance.


With all that neon, sunglasses need to be worn at night.

The Bum Deal
Under duress, Forbes reveals the details of a large shipment that's arriving in Vice City. Apparently, a guy at the White Stallionz bar has more information. Drive the short distance to the bar and run over the bikers standing outside (trust us, there's a good reason for doing this). Get out and kill any survivors, then enter Vice City's very own Blue Oyster Bar. Kill the leather-clad cliental then gather up their weapons and go outside. As you've already dealt with the bikers in the car park there's no one left to attack you, allowing you to drive off unchallenged. It looks like Forbes has set you up again, and as you return you see him escaping on a motorbike. Give chase and either gun him down or ram him off his bike - either way, he's easy to kill. Take the MP5 he drops - this comes in extremely useful in Lance's last mission, From Zero to Hero.

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The second part of our walkthrough will cover all of the remaining story missions and reveal a shed-load of cheats and secrets. You'd be mad to miss it.

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