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The first half of the game tipped.

Umberto Robina

Umberto is a Vice City regular who wants to work with you rather than against you. But the Cuban gang leader is naturally cautious so you must show him you have the required balls quota before he'll trust in you. His house is in Little Havana - it's marked with a 'U' symbol.

Nice Package
To prove your worth, Umberto wants you to drive downtown and pick up an important package for him. However, other gangs sense its worth too so you'll have to fight for it. It's almost impossible to reach the package first, no matter how fast you get there, so chase the guy who has got it instead. Keep smashing into his car until he legs it on foot. This is your opportunity to run him down and take the package for yourself. You need to be quick though, because when the package is on the ground it's fair game for everyone! To make matters worse, the chaos will attract the cops, so once you have the package you'll almost certainly need to visit the Pay 'n' Spray on your way down to the docks.

Your old friends the Cholos are causing problems for Umberto. He wants you to hit them hard. Jump in the car parked across the road with Umberto's two men and head to each of the trouble spots. In most cases, the Cholos will be standing in the street, so you can easily run them down in time-honoured GTA fashion. For those Cholos clever enough to drive, smash the vehicle into a wall or traffic and let Umberto's men fill it with bullets. Take the guys back to their boss to complete this brief, brutal mission.


Well there's no point taking a slow boat.

Papi Don't Screech
Umberto is in a mess. He fears the Cholos are going to get revenge by whacking his elderly father, Alberto. Drive to the stadium and wait for the old grappling fan to climb into the car. He wants you to take him to his cafe and you need to be there before it opens in the morning - that's around six game hours time. However, his heart is weak so you need to keep his stress levels under control. This means not driving too fast and avoiding any confrontation with the Cholos. However, Cholos are posted all along the route back to Little Havana. As soon as your map reveals a Cholo car, hit the breaks and take the nearest alternative route. Use small roads and alleyways rather than main routes as Cholo as less likely to be lurking there.

Havana Good Time
The Cuban boss plans to crush the Cholos for good by blowing up their storage warehouse. Naturally, he wants to steal their drugs first. Take the gun from outside Umberto's house then head over to the warehouse and run over the guards in the usual manner. When the area is clear, Umberto's men will move in and start to load up the vans. You now have to protect the men from gangs of attacking Cholos. At first they pour through the main entrance, making them easy to pick off, but after a minute or so they also enter via the two doors at the bottom end of the warehouse. You need to keep an eye on your radar at all times, although you will be warned if the men are taking hits. In a final salvo, three carloads of Cholos will arrive. Deal with them, then drive the van back to Umberto's place. A couple of Cholo cars will follow, but they're easy to shake. Your work for Umberto is complete - you can now tackle Louise's Hose the Hoes and Robbing the Cradle missions.

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