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The first half of the game tipped.

Lance Vance

Having ditched Aunt Enid for the bright lights of the big city, Lance is planning to make some real money real fast. As his big brother you need to keep him in line, but its difficult when opportunity and opulence lie around every corner. You'll usually find Lance in his downtown hotel suite, marked with an 'L' symbol.

Jive Drive
The reunion with your brother is short-lived as those damn Cholos arrive at the airport and start a small-scale war. Lance grabs the wheel while you wield a sub-machinegun against carloads of Cholos. Their heavy gunfire will wreck your vehicle in record time, so you'll need to be accurate with your aim. Rather than firing indiscriminately at the vehicles - which often causes them to explode, damaging your car in the process - aim for the driver or, failing that, the tires to make them lose control. After the first jump, nearly all of the cars will appear up ahead so ignore anything going on behind. Keep firing away and eventually Lance will hit a ramp, ending the first part of the mission. You're now on foot and Cholos are everywhere! Your job is to kill all the enemies while protecting Lance. However, it's much more likely that you'll get killed before Lance, so let him fend for himself while you find a suitable spot. Shoot the Cholos as they advance, using the radar to target their position. When you've thinned their number, find Lance and finish them off together. After dropping Lance off at his hotel, Umberto Robino will page you, opening up his first - and your next - mission.

The Audition
Having completed all of Louise's missions, Lance's symbol will pop up again on the map. When you arrive at his hotel suite, he tells you about a player called Forbes who can help the pair of you make some serious money by doing sweet FA. Drive Lance to King Knut's burger bar, where you soon find yourself surrounded by Hamburgler and his buddies. Show the robbers the error of their ways, or just leg it past them to the door to head outside and face the cops. Run to the left and jump in the parked car. The Little Haiti Pay 'n' Spray is not far away - head there to get rid of your two wanted stars. You can now continue with the proper mission and pick up Forbes' car. However, the car has been impounded so you'll need to sneak in and bust it out. Jump on the bike and ride up the staircase to the roof. You've now got an hour's game time to get to the car before it's destroyed by the authorities. Get up some speed and hit the ramp to clear the gap in front. Turn right and jump another gap, then drop down into the yard. Time is short so drive directly to the car. Kill any guards near the vehicle, then get inside and gun it towards the wooden ramp over on the left side of the yard. If you build up enough speed you'll clear the fence and finish the mission. Your next job is for Forbes and it's called Money for Nothing.


I can feel it, coming in the air tonight...

Caught as an Act
Following the Money for Nothing mission, Lance will page you with concerns about Forbes. These fears are quickly confirmed when you confront Forbes at the stadium and he reveals his true identity. He flees the scene and you need to jump in one of the parked cars and give chase. As he heads south, the boot of his car will open and dollar bills will begin to fly out the back! You need to drag him out of his car before all the cash is gone. The best way to achieve the task is to slam Forbes' car against a wall or sandwich him between traffic. He'll try to wriggle free, but if you're quick you'll be able to drag him from his car before he can take off. You can now visit either Forbes (the Leap and Bound mission) or attempt Lance's next mission.

Snitch Hitch
Lance hears about a businessman who's selling information about a big deal before he gets out of the game for good. Jump in a car and drive him down to the airport - you've got just three game hours to drive the length of the island so proceed in a speedy fashion. Upon arrival, the contact tells you that he's already flogged the file to some other guy. Head over to Terminal C and run over as many guards as possible. When your vehicle is wrecked, get out and finish the job on foot. Lance will then board the private jet to retrieve the file while you have to deal with a bunch of hairy-arsed biker types. They don't put up much of a fight so stand your ground and whittle them down. If you haven't already you can now attempt Forbes' Leap and Bound mission.

From Zero to Hero
This is it, the final mission on the west island. It's available after completing The Bum Deal mission for Forbes. You discover that the big shipment Forbes spoke about is being controlled by none other than Martinez - it's time to piss all over the sergeant's parade. Hopefully, you should still have Forbes' MP5 as this will make the job much easier. Pick up Lance and drive to the dockyard where you'll see the shipment being loaded onto the back of two large trucks. Grab the body armour located on the bridge if you need it, then run in and start to take down Martinez's men - there are about a dozen or so positioned on the dock. When every man is dead (be careful not to accidentally shoot the cargo), jump into the truck and follow Lance. Cars will try and ram you off the road, so smash them out of the way while keeping up with Lance - you'll fail the mission if the truck is wrecked or you get left behind. When you reach the bridge, Martinez will attack in his Hunter helicopter. Retain full speed and dodge the missiles by swerving across the carriageway - right, left, right, left - then smash through the police roadblock at the end of the bridge. You now have four wanted stars and a high damage rating, but it's only a short drive to Lance's fancy new premises. When you arrive, the mission will end and you're now free to explore the second island at leisure. Enjoy!

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