Viva Piņata heading to DS

Details expected soon.

Rare has told an audience at Comic-Con that Viva Piņata is coming to Nintendo DS!

Details are a bit scarce, so presumably we can expect a press release shortly, but a photograph on Kotaku and official word on the Pinata Island forums add up to confirmation.

What's more, it sounds as though VP DS will be closer to its Xbox 360 counterpart than the recently unveiled Viva Piņata: Party Animals title for its mother-platform, with one Rare employee responding to concerns that the DS would struggle to handle the original's freeform gardening thus: "You'll be pleasantly surprised."

Not that we need much prompting, as you'll know if you've read our Viva Piņata Xbox 360 review or our exclusive Rare studio tour feature. The original game tasked you with cleaning up and cultivating a garden so that lots of papery animals would visit and make it their home.

Viva Piņata is also due out on PC later this year.

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