Valve will "never abandon" Counter-Strike

But has nothing to say about a sequel.

Valve says it will "never abandon Counter-Strike" but currently has nothing to announce regarding a sequel.

During a recent interview on GameTrailers, VP of marketing Doug Lombardi said the big question was how to approach any follow-up to the last instalment, Counter-Strike: Source.

"Do we go start over from scratch and build this whole new game, do we do something that looks more like Team Fortress 2 that is rooted in the old game but has a ton of new stuff, or do we just sort of take everything that's new that we've released and whatnot and put that out in a new box?" he asked rhetorically.

"I think we're leaning more towards the two more radical places than just sort of rolling up the new box and re-skinning the box and putting out all the new stuff."

And despite pressure, Valve uber-boss Gabe Newell had nothing else to add, saying only: "Counter-Strike is an incredibly important product to this company."

He did say though that a CS successor probably wouldn't be a good fit for another Orange Box-style compilation product.

What do you reckon, Eurogamers? What would be best for Counter-Strike? Apart from always running with the knife, idiot. And not throwing a flashbang into the tunnel on Dust unless you can f****** throw.

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