Valve stops L4D Xbox 360 cheaters

Servers protected against mods.

Valve has made server-side fixes to stop people cheating when playing Left 4 Dead on Xbox 360.

"Valve has released a server-side fix to deny the recently reported cheats on all dedicated Left 4 Dead Xbox 360 servers," says a statement from the developer on Blue's News.

"The fix is designed to halt the cheating behaviour on the dedicated servers, which accounts for the majority of the co-op and Versus modes of play.

"A title update for those playing on user-hosted servers and/or via system link will be released in the coming days."

Cheating involved using a mod to unlock PC-style console commands, which grant control over nearly all of the content; spawning baddies and weapons, giving infinite health, making things disappear and turning characters into giants.

There's a video of the cheats in action on YouTube.

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