Uwe Boll "happy" with his new videogame

Movie director speaks out on next project.

Uwe Boll is best known as a film director specialising in videogame adaptations. But now he's turned his attention to the small screen, and is working on a new game all of his own.

It's called Tunnel Rats 1968, and you can see it in action over at Game Trailers. According to Boll it's based on the forthcoming film of the same name, and he's been heavily involved with the project.

"Replay Studios, in Hamburg, developed the game with the Viet Cong engine," he told Eurogamer. (That's the same studio currently working on Velvet Assassin, by the way.) "They based it on my movie, and we delivered our script, screenshots et cetera to them. They also used the same composer.

"I controlled the production, and I'm happy with the game," he added.

Tunnel Rats 1968 will be released this autumn. According to Boll it is in development for PC and Xbox 360, and will be published by CDV.

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