US Jam Sessions in June

Turn your DS into a guitar.

Guitar-based action is coming to the DS, according to Level Up, with Ubisoft releasing Jam Sessions across the US in June.

It's a remake of cult Japanese hit Hiite Utaeru DS Guitar M-06, and lets you use the stylus, pick, or your finger to strum the touch screen, selecting the desired notes using the D-pad and a shoulder button.

However, it isn't simply a pocket version of Guitar Hero, presenting you with a more open-ended approach of only notes and lyrics, with no backing instruments or pre-set tempo. This means you can recreate your favourite jingles of the game as a power-ballad, pop-jingle, or country plod-along.

It will have three modes: Performance, Free Play, and Tutorial. Performance presents you with notes and lyrics, Free Play gives you a free canvas, and Tutorial teaches you the mysteries of a DS guitar from scratch.

You'll also be able to customise your style by adjusting reverb, chorus, low/high pass, plus other bits and pieces we don't understand.

Something to annoy other people on trains, then, or perhaps the basis of a game-peripheral rock group.

Sadly Ubisoft was unable to tell us when we might expect it in Europe, but you can take a look at Level Up's interview with the lead designer for more information.

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