US/Euro Wii Fit will weigh your pet

Watch out, hamsters.

The US and European versions of Wii Fit allow players to weigh their pets as well as themselves, according to Shigeru Miyamoto's translator Bill Trinen.

Speaking to Newsweek, Trinen said that Miyamoto had wanted to include that mode anyway, but wasn't able to do it in Japan.

"Players will receive a message informing them that if they weigh themselves while holding their pets, then weigh themselves again separately and subtract the two, the difference will tell them how much their pet weighs," Newsweek says.

The US version of Wii Fit is out on 19th May, whereas the European one is out today. So is this pet stuff in the European one? We asked Ellie, who reviewed it and has played it about a dozen times since then, and she says it's never popped up.

Then we spoke to Nintendo, who said that it is in fact true of the European version as well, and that details can be found buried away in the manual.

Since Wii Fit is out today, why not read our Wii Fit review, or watch Ellie playing Wii Fit in a variety of outfits. It's fine, she volunteered.

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