Undertow for XBLA

Thou shalt have a fishy.

Chair Entertainment has announced Undertow for Xbox Live Arcade.

It's an underwater shooter set in an alternate world, where a nasty war rages for control of the ocean. There's a full campaign mode included, packed with 15 levels of single-player and co-op play. But perhaps the most exciting features are the two multiplayer modes supporting up to 16 players on Live.

The aim of the game here is to blast your enemies out of the water and take control of their bases. You do this by hovering next to the opposing stronghold until it converts to your side. Control all of them and you win, or lay siege to your enemies and wait for their supplies to run out.

You choose from from three factions: the magical Atlantians, the Jules Verne-inspired Nemodians, and the human Iron Marines. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses, and are made up of four character classes, from light infantry to heavy and slow moving power-houses. From here you can start earning points to upgrade your nautical self by killing enemies, completing objectives and taking checkpoints.

"We've really enjoyed designing Undertow for Xbox Live Arcade because it's given us the freedom to create a pure gaming experience focused on fun, addictive gameplay" said Donald Mustard, creative director at Chair Entertainment. "Whether a player is looking for hours of intense multiplayer or they have just 10 minutes for the ultimate gaming experience, we're confident Undertow will be as exciting to play as it has been for us to create."

The action takes place in a 2D environment with a three dimensional backdrop. It's being described as Geometry Wars meets Battlefield and has the power of Unreal Engine 3 under it's aquatic hood.

Undertow is due for release on Xbox Live Arcade sometime this summer.

Make a splash over at Eurogamer TV to see the latest Undertow video.

Alternatively head over to the Undertow website for more information.

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