UK schools trialling GTA lesson

To teach kids what's fact and fiction.

Eight Merseyside primary schools are using select images from Grand Theft Auto, The Itchy & Scratchy Show and real-life as part of a new Government-backed campaign to help children differentiate between what is and isn't real.

Representatives from the Support After Murder and Manslaughter charity and the Merseyside police lead hour-long lessons in which children, aged nine to 11, categorise images as either "good real-life", "bad real-life" and "not real" according to The Guardian.

By using iconic excerpts from popular culture, the project hopes to combat desensitisation and reinforce what's right and wrong in society.

The Get Real scheme will expand to Lancashire later this year and has apparently enjoyed a "fantastic" response so far.

Teachers involved have apparently been "blown away", which seems like a bad choice of words to us.

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