Ubisoft to publish Heroes Over Europe

WWII dogfighter shoots for September.

Ubisoft has announced that it's to publish Heroes Over Euope, Transmission Games' World War II aerial combat game, this September on 360, PS3 and PC.

Heroes Over Euope has spent the last few months in limbo after the collapse of a deal between Transmission, original publisher Red Mile and Atari. Transmission blamed Red Mile for not paying them, and Red Mile blamed Atari for the same thing.

Now white knight Ubisoft is stepping in to save the game from oblivion. Heroes Over Europe is a sequel to the PC, PS2 and Xbox game Heroes of the Pacific. It boasts 16-player multiplayer, customisable aircraft with localised damage, and locations including London, Berlin and the French Alps.

Transmission's other project, Sin City: The Game, is still missing presumed cancelled.

Read and see more at the Heroes Over Europe gamepage.

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