Two Worlds fixed up

Less lag, better horses.

Sketchy role-playing game Two Worlds has undergone a spot of maintenance to fix up some of its glaring errors.

The "megahit", as the statement describes, should now have a much more stable multiplayer mode featuring less lag and more balanced game modes. Whatever that means - it's impossible to tell without patch notes, silly-billies.

But the real clincher is that not only will horses now be easier to control, but if you pay a fine you can re-enter towns you have previously killed in. As you do.

You can download the patch on the official website, although we suggest you find another game to play entirely. It isn't easy being this mean, but when you self-proclaim to be "perfectionists" even though you released a bug-ridden sham of an Oblivion copycat, then you deserve it.

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