Turbine details LOTRO: Siege of Mirkwood

MMO's patch notes are Sauron the eyes.

Turbine has explained, in excruciating detail, every upcoming change arriving in Lord of the Rings expansion Siege of Mirkwood, which is released in Europe on 3rd December.

The release notes cover everything, from the new Skirmish System and Fortress of the Nazgul content to the revamped mounts, combat system and menu/interface.

Mirkwood also overhauls the Lone-lands area and alters the workings of Dread/Gloom, reputation, Legendary items, and racial abilities - the dwarf Headbutt now dazes opponents for a short time, for instance.

On top of all that, you can swot up on routine class alterations, Monster Play tweaks and more. There's bloody loads.

Absorb our hands-on impressions of LOTRO: Siege of Mirkwood for our thoughts on the new content.

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