Trios of PSN games to be bundled on UMD

PSP packs to reach new audience.

Sony plans to offer trios of PSN games on UMD discs starting this October, ensuring PSP owners throughout the land can lay their mitts on previously download-only content.

Puzzle Pack, the first of these, is due mid-October and contains Lemmings, Go! Sudoku and Go! Puzzle. Our verdict, based on review averages: 6/10.

Following later that month will be the Power Pack, made up of flOw, Beats and Syphon Filter: Combat Ops.

We've only reviewed the science-inspired eat-'em-up flOw out of those, so musical button-matcher Beats and online multiplayer shooter Combat Ops will have to settle with an average-average of 7/10.

Sony, interestingly, makes no mention of the price. The Power Pack can be downloaded separately for GBP 17, whereas a full price UMD is likely to cost as much as GBP 24.99, or perhaps GBP 19.99. We're trying to find out more.

More trio-packs are planned for 2009.

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