Trauma Center: New Blood dated

Spurting onto shelves in November.

Nintendo will be releasing Wii hospital drama Trauma Center: New Blood on 7th November in Europe.

New Blood, the sequel to Second Opinion, returns with Wiimote-sensing scalpel challenges, as patients arrive sporting all sorts of gruesome injuries only your expertise can fix.

You may remember our import review of the game from January, where we said it was enjoyable, compelling, and exciting. 8/10. It's not quite as bonkers as Second Opinion though.

But the real question is, is it as good as Casualty, the world's second longest-running medical drama? [This is not the real question. - Ed] Does it have, for instance, an enticing 'guess what the injury will be?' mechanic as little Johnny and his parents visit the fairground full of rusty rides and dishevelled travellers and bears and depleted uranium?

We do not think so.

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