Toribash beheading to WiiWare

Indie ragdoll limb-severing champion.

Nabi Studios has said there will be a WiiWare version of Toribash at an undisclosed point in the future.

That's according to the game's blog, which has some early development shots of the project up and running.

Toribash found indie fame as a free download for PC and Mac. The idea is simple: punch and kick and mutilate your opponent, sending limbs flying and blood splurging. But it's the 'how' that makes Toribash exciting.

Each player controls a ragdoll character and swings limbs and body-parts, step by step, in the hope of inflicting major damage and notching up high scores. Toribash is bewilderingly hard to master.

Head over to the official Toribash website to download the free game. You might find members of our tech team to punish.

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