Top Cow spills on Darkness sequel

Comic creator less than subtle.

Comic creator Top Cow has all but confirmed a sequel to The Darkness.

Speaking at the recent Comic Con event in New York, the picture-book maker made rather blatant suggestions that a follow-up game was on its way.

"We can't say 'Darkness' and 'videogame sequel' in the same sentence. So: 'Darkness.' Wink. 'Sequel,'" said a Top Cow panel (watched by TheQuarterBin).

The Darkness popped up last summer on PS3 and 360, and followed the adventures of possessed gangster Jackie Estacado as he tore enemies apart with his grizzly assortment of powers.

Top Cow was coy over what we would see in a sequel, but suggested we would meet a villain "worthy" of our protagonist.

Publisher 2K Games had no further comment.

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