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10. Anti-Color by ZX497

User ZX947 created the black and white, line-rider-esque look for this level by using an exploit he found in the game's renderer. While that sort of art hacking is impressive enough, he's gone on to put the graphical effect to good use as a gameplay mechanism, creating interesting shapes and platforms to provide obstacles and ideas for his race level.

The simplicity of the visuals, which strip away the stitching and homegrown textures that are so associated with the LittleBigPlanet world, somehow has a positive effect. The underlying platform game mechanics are revealed for what they are: smooth, straightforward and pleasingly reliable.

See Anti-Color in action.


This level was promoted by Media Molecule as a five-star piece of game design only last week. It's got a circus theme, complete with a parade of elephants, fire hoop clowns and, um, pirate ships - all of which makes for compelling playing.

Thekillermiller's inventiveness is as much the attraction here as the theme; each set-piece demonstrates considerable flair and ingenuity. While some of the levels in this list are best enjoyed solo, UNCLE FRITZ'S FABULOUS FUNHOUSE FRENZY!, is just as much fun when played with others.


8. Long Jump by steve big guns

Most level makers opt for orthodox and linear A-to-B journeys, but a few attempt to create the kind of single location mini-games occasionally encountered in the main story mode. steve big guns' Long Jump level is a simple idea but some ingenious execution elevates it above many of its rivals.

Sackboy starts the level next to a fast-turning cog. Clinging on to the cog will spin him around like a sock in a washing machine. The challenge is to let go of the cog at just the right moment in order to fling yourself forward (like the hammer throw in the Olympics).

14 chutes are laid out in front of the cog, each one worth a different number of points, increasing in value the further the distance from the cog. You have three attempts to jump as far as possible before collecting your reward. Simple but effective.

7. EarthMusic&rust by EarthMusic


This dark, spotlight-filled factory is so detailed and consistently designed that you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a Media Molecule creation. The challenge is to escape the foreboding environment by moving objects, flicking switches and turning on lights.

EarthMusic&rust is one of the toughest levels on this list and it will take both time and concentration to solve. However, the payoff and satisfaction for doing so makes it well worth the effort.

See EarthMusic&rust in action.

6. Illumina Garden 2 by ShadowFlareX

This sequel to one of the game's most popular user-created stages is, like its forerunner, almost completely veiled in darkness. Your path through the blackness is lit by neon lights, which trail you as you progress.

At one point your character is completely silhouetted against a blue, purple then green background, giving the game a striking Patapon-feel. Later still a blue equaliser matches the pulsing soundtrack, a mesmerizing light show.

In terms of raw puzzles this might not be the most complex of creations, but it's certainly one of the most arresting.

See Illumina Garden 2 in action.

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