Tomb Raider Anniversary on Steam

Available on Friday.

Eidos has revealed that Tomb Raider Anniversary will be digitally distributed through Steam.

It'll be available to download on 1st June and will set you back USD 29.95, which is roughly 15 quid, or 22 Euro-bob.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary - originally conceived as the 10th anniversary edition - is a remake of the original game using an updated Tomb Raider: Legend engine. As well as all the ledge-hanging, rope-swinging and block-pushing of Legend, remade Lara can also shimmy up pillars, Prince of Persia-style, and perch on top of them, er, Sly Raccoon-style.

A demo of the PC version is already available to try out, although those of you with a PS2 will have to wait until Friday. A confirmed date has yet to be set for the PSP offering.

Head over to our recent Tomb Raider Anniversary first impressions for more information.

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