TOCA 3 PSP demo


Is TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge any good? We quite liked it. But hey, why should you take our word for it when you can download a demo? Apart from to help ensure our continued employment?

Out today on, the TRD3 Challenge demo lets you try out three of the game's skill tests in the Ultima GTR, Opel Vectra GTS V8 and Mercedes Benz W196.

There's a steering control event (drive through the cones), a duel (where the idea is to overtake an opponent) and a no-damage task (where you have to try and finish a race without taking hits from aggressive opposition).

The full game is due out on 16th February, and as TOCA fans will note is fairly distinct from its PS2/Xbox counterpart, so if you like a bit of handheld driving and fancy something new, why not read our review for more info?

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