TimeSplitters 4 in development

With extra helping of satire.

Developer Free Radical has confirmed that TimeSplitters 4 is in development.

The news came from script writer Rob Yescombe, who told Kotaku the team was hard at work on the new game.

TimeSplitters is a first-person shooter series that lets you travel back and forth in time like Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Inherent to the list of ingredients is a hefty dose of satire, and Yescombe promises this time will be no different.

"In the past TimeSplitters has been very satirical at the expense of movies, [and] this time it will be satirical at the expense of videogames," said Yescombe.

Other details are still scarce, with platforms and tentative release dates still kept behind closed doors.

Free Radical is currently working on Haze, which tells the story of a rebellion against a military global mega-corporation by a former soldier. It's being described as a thinking man's shooter, and is PS3-exclusive until the end of the year (with PC and Xbox 360 releases sometime in 2008).

Head over to our Haze gamepage for all of our coverage to date.

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