TimeShift demo on Live

Time is on my site.

TimeShift is available for you to try out on Xbox Live thanks to a 582MB playable demo, which ought to give you a steer on whether the game's additional year of development was a good idea.

As you may know, TimeShift made it so close to the point of completion that only seven bugs remained, only for Sierra to offer the team another year to radically overhaul certain elements and make a better game.

This they reckon they have done, as we reported earlier this year.

Gone is the original aethetic, and reworked are the physics, FMV, bad guys, special effects, renderer and plenty more. They even scrapped the lead character, coming up with a new tale where Dr. Aiden Krone takes the original game's Alpha suit and hops through time with it, forcing you to chase him in the Beta suit.

Doing so - as the game name suggests - will involve toying with time as an adjunct to combat and puzzles, a bit like Blinx the Timesweeper but with a gun. We miss Blinx. Sniff. The full game is due out on PC and 360 on 30th October and in December on PS3.

Final point - the TimeShift demo is sadly not available in Germany. Sorry, Tanja!

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