GDC: Tim Schafer's free browser game

Parodies himself as GDC Awards host.

Double Fine boss Tim Schafer has made a free browser game that features himself as the main character and the Game Developers Choice Awards as the setting.

Schafer will host the real-life event in San Francisco tonight from 6.30pm PST, which is 2.30am GMT tomorrow morning for us lot.

Dubbed Host Master and The Conquest of Humour, the idea is to use old adventure commands to probe the environment for 22 jokes that Schafer can use while hosting the awards. He's forgotten to prepare anything, you see.

The game can be played on the Double Fine website now, and has been stuffed full of the familiar comedy and deft touches that earned Schafer his graphic adventure crown all those many moons ago.

Schafer and Double Fine are currently hard at work on third-person action game Brutal Legend. EA Partners picked up the title last December and plans to launch on Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year.

Our Brutal Legend gamepage has much more information.

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