THQ embraces XBLA

Four games planned.

THQ is the latest publisher to set its sights on Xbox Live Arcade, with four games planned for release on Microsoft's downloadable game service - including two as soon as next month.

The first of them is an original title called Screwjumper, which reportedly involves destroying intergalactic mining equipment while in freefall. There's talk of being able to form destruction chains, if you want to guess some more, and whatever it ends up being there will be split-screen and Xbox Live multiplayer options in addition to single-player.

The other November-bound THQ XBLA title, meanwhile, is SpongeBob SquarePants: Underpants Slam! The exclamation mark is their emphasis, but we can only assume you'll all share it! Based on the Nickelodeon TV show of the same name, the latest in the licensed game series will certainly mark a change of pace for a download service usually stuffed with fiddly shooters and ageing arcade relics.

Looking a bit further ahead, THQ has named its other two projects as Elements of Destruction and Rocket Riot, although details on those are even fewer. Expect more information to pop up as we hone in on their various unconfirmed release dates. Vague enough?

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