The Witcher editor, add-on and patch

Busy day for monster-slayers.

CD Projekt has released a free downloadable adventure add-on, a game editor and a patch for The Witcher on PC, all available from

The Prince of Neutrality adventure add-on is the game's first official DLC, offering two hours of extra gameplay. The developer says you will get to visit the outskirts of Kaer Morhen and meet other witchers glimpsed in the main single-player campaign in more detail, and there is more than one possible outcome to the story.

On top of that, there are new NPCs and other "new graphical assets" at work, and the content has been localised into English, French, Italian, German and Spanish as well as the developer's native Polish.

Meanwhile, the D'jinni beta adventure editor uses existing graphics, maps and environments and is kind of a big deal. As CD Projekt RED CEO Adam Kicinski points out, "we made The Witcher with this tool", so it's not hard to believe his claim that it's "quite a demanding" undertaking. Good luck.

CD Projekt's quite interested to see how it's put to use, though, forecasting that its fans will "let their imaginations run wild predicting the turmoil and tests waiting in Geralt's future, or even filling in the missing years between the close of Andrzej Sapkowski's last Witcher novel and the start of the game".

Patch 1.3, finally, sorts out a few problems and enables the use of the additional content and game editor.

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