The Club PC demo


With the PC version of The Club due out on 22nd February, Bizarre Creations has released a PC demo to celebrate (actually: to encourage people to buy it, presumably).

Available from an Internet near you, the demo is 1.9GB in size, although we're not sure what's in it. Probably playable sample sections of The Club.

The game itself is a third-person shooter where speed and combos are the keys to success, rather than boring old nonsense like finding the blue key or going in a dropship.

Individual missions are over pretty quickly, with the idea being to revisit and perfect them, keeping your combo alive from beginning to end to bank big scores that go towards online leaderboard totals.

We really liked it on Xbox 360. We'll freely admit it isn't for everyone, but then neither are football games and you wouldn't expect us to mark them down for not being about hopscotch.

PS3 and 360 versions of The Club are out now, with the PC one on 22nd February.

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