TF2 Scout revamp next week

Stun enemies with baseballs.

Valve has said the Scout class for Team Fortress 2 will be revamped next Tuesday 24th February.

That's Shrove Tuesday, by the way, when people eat pancakes. We were tricked into thinking this was yesterday and were very disappointed.

The only Scout ability to be unveiled so far is The Sandman: a baseball-launching attack that stuns even the sturdiest opponents. The further away your mark, the longer they're struck dumb for. However, Scouts won't be able to double jump while carrying the baseball bat.

The Scout, as with the Heavy and Pyro and Medic classes, will be given two additional unlockable weapons. These, remember, add variety but no real unfair advantage, as each pro has its cons.

We're also expecting a new game mode to arrive with the Scout update. Valve plans to revamp every class eventually.

More information will appear on the official Team Fortress 2 website as the week goes on.

Incidentally, this update only applies to PC versions of Team Fortress 2. Xbox 360 may catch up one day, but Valve has no internal PS3 development team to support Sony with.

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