TF2 Goldrush map this month

Valve balancing it now.

Valve has confirmed that new Team Fortress 2 map Goldrush will be available "within the month".

Word emerged on the Steam website. Apparently the fresh game mode will be a mine-cart escort through a series of time-limited checkpoints.

The more of the protecting BLU team that are around the cart the faster it travels. But if any of the attacking RED team are in the vicinity its progress is halted. Cue blood and guts and tactics.

Valve is also working on a Badlands map for Team Fortress 2, as well as new weapons for those earning lots of achievements.

While PC users may get their hands on the content first, Valve plans to make it all available on both PS3 and Xbox 360 once it has enough to bundle together into a package.

Also worth noting it will be free, as value for money is among Valve's top priorities.

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