Telltale announces Puzzle Agent

Adventure game kicks off "Pilot Program".

Telltale Games has announced Puzzle Agent, its first adventure game based entirely on an original IP.

The game, set in a rural Minnesota town encountering mysterious phenomena, is said to resemble Professor Layton's combination of storytelling and self-contained, logic-based puzzles.

Puzzle Agent will feature hand-drawn art from former Telltale creative director Graham Annable, who's best known for his Grickle series of animated shorts and comics.

Telltale is reportedly using Puzzle Agent as a test of a new "Pilot Program" of experimental one-off games that can be spun off into the company's usual episodic release model if and when they catch on.

Current plans put the game at a June release for the PC, Mac, WiiWare and, in a Telltale first, the iPhone and iPad.

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