Tekken film poster pops up

Onimusha close to production.

The first poster for the Tekken film has appeared online.

It was unearthed on film site, and depicts a great bit "T" with a fancy poem underneath.

  • After the Great Terror Wars, governments fell...
  • Seven corporations rose from the ashes to rule all men...
  • Together they were known as The Iron Fist...
  • The mightiest of which was...
  • Tekken

Apparently the story is based around two childhood friends who just happen to be really good at fighting so they enter a martial arts tournament and begin to unravel the mysterious secret of Tekken Corp.

It is the first we have heard on the film since Japanese film makers Gaga Communications told us it would be built on a strong script rather than CG tomfoolery back in 2003. also unpacked its news basket to reveal that the Onimusha movie film by Silent Hill director Christophe Gans will begin filming next April.


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