Tecmo hires veterans for DS RPG

Ignition sparks Nostalgia this September.

Tecmo has unveiled a brand new role-playing game for DS called Nostalgia that will be released this September. A spokesperson told Eurogamer this afternoon that Nostalgia is a "US release".

Tecmo has assembled industry veterans with portfolios covering Fatal Frame, Grandia and Tokobot for the project, and aims to rekindle the Japanese RPGs of old. With a touch of new, we hope - look what happened with Blue Dragon.

On paper, however, Nostalgia's prospects are good. Set in a 19th Century style anime world, players become Londoner Eddie who flies his zeppelin and memorable group of friends around the world as he tries to save everybody from evil.

He'll find himself among diverse cultures in places like New York and Cairo, and he'll combat baddies in turn-based close-quarters fights or in the skies during large-scale airship battles. Points are awarded at the end of each to spur the compulsive on.

Puzzles and "Indiana Jones-style traps" are promised, as are optional quests to steer adventurers off the straight and narrow. Eddie also has a notebook to record his progress. Perhaps it is leather.

The Nostalgia website isn't much more than a forum at the moment, but there is a piece of concept art there, in which the characters all have spiky hair.

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