Tamagotchi Wii game

Popularity contest.

Namco Bandai has announced Tamagotchi Party On! for the Wii.

Up to four players can compete in over 15 mini-games, which include shaking hands, finding lost children, and testing your public speaking skills. Winning these will gain you popularity: essential stuff in your campaign for presidency of the Planet.

Simply borrow some friends with cheesy smiles, choose your favourite virtual pet, then swing, shake, turn, or twist your way to victory.

"Tamagotchi Party On! is a seamless blend of both party game and board game," beamed Naruo Uchida, VP of localisation at Namco Bandai America. "It's the wackiest and cutest popularity contest ever, as up-to-four players compete in fun mini-games to become the president of Tamagotchi Planet."

You can still level up you character, using "Gotchi" points you earn along the way; in fact, you can build your very own campaign headquarters. And you'll need them, with over six different towns to win over before you can conquer the World.

More party game madness, then - a sign of things to come?

Tamagotchi Party On! is due for release this spring. Meanwhile, you can direct your gaze upon these new screenshots.

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