Supreme Commander Reader Review

Gameplay: This game brings the difference between tactics and full-blown strategy to crystal clarity. Your forces are comprised of literally hundreds of units, manoeuvring across battlefields hundreds of square miles in size (one custom map is a true scale map of Rhode Island). Not only do you command land units, but sea and air; with as much thought put into them as any land unit (not just tacked on for novelty). Three factions are available, each with their own story and forces, most notably the gigantic experimental units that tower hundreds of meters over the rest. To win, however, you'll need strategy, not just numbers and firepower.

Commands & Controls: A large part of Supreme Commander's innovation is its command and control. The strategic zoom has been lauded to death, but essentially: forget your tiny little window; zoom out and see the entire arena of war, with NATO-based strategic icons replacing the itty-bitty units. Everything else does just as much to rid the RTS genre of the interface problems we're all used to. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and unless there's a patent we'll be seeing plenty of imitators.

Sys Req: The system requirements for this game ARE a bit extreme, but hey, you can't expect developers to wait for you to upgrade your system forever. You put this game together with the right system and its potential is clear.

Support: One of the biggest advantages this game has is support; not only do the Gas Powered Games employees make daily appearances in the forums, but SupCom has also inherited Total Annihilation's modding community, a group of gamers that kept new units coming out a full decade after TA came out. Got a problem with something in the game? Odds are it's already been fixed by someone out there, and if not it soon will be. And with and in-game Mod Manager (turn any mod on/off with a click), you can easily manage your updates without worrying about corrupting the game.

10 / 10


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