Super Mario Galaxy Reader Review

This game is amazing. Truly.

I donīt like the platform genre, as I donīt like jumping to platforms and falling all over again. I found Super Mario Bros. 3 very hard, almost making me mad. I understand why people like this genre, but I do not.

I played Sunshine first and then Super Mario 64. And you know what? I prefer Sunshine to Mario 64! I donīt understand why people hate Sunshine. Every aspect of it is better that Mario 64. Included the FLUDD. I guess people prefer Mario 64 because itīs the one they played first. Just my opinion. But both Mario games are amazing and they are the best platforms Iīve ever played (not that I played that much).

As I saw the trailers for Mario Galaxy, I never got very excited, as a lot of people were. I guess that comes from the fact that I donīt like platforms, but that Bee Suit just seemed boring and difficult. When I got the game, the first thing I did was put it on the shelves and continue the game I was playing. When I finally started playing Galaxy, well, I couldnīt be more amazed.

The gameplay is perfect. They decided not to use much of the movement abilities of the Wii, and Iīm glad that they did. You have to shake the Wiimote to perform a spin, and that is done without fails. The Mote always senses the spin. No mistakes there. The Nunchuck is used for moving, and the Wiimote is used to spin and point to the screen and send star bits. Couldnīt be better.

The graphics are the best seen in a Wii. Of course, there are lot of X-Box and PS3 games that have better graphics, but they donīt have some little stuff that Galaxy has. When you look at the galaxies, you can see they had a lot of work putting little things there. The music has some old soundtracks and some new ones. Cool.

The history is... Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach! This time, the King of Koopas takes her to the outer space. But there is other story as well, involving Princess Rosalina, which I wonīt spoil.

The difficulty is just right. Getting 60 stars and defeating Bowser itīs not hard (perfect for casual gamers), but getting the 120 stars is insane (perfect for hardcore gamers). Other thing that is amazing is the level design. Itīs hard to explain, but the levels... well... they are just well designed. You will understand that if you play the game.

Yes, even this game has its cons. Sometimes you get upside down in a planet, and itīs hard to move. The co-op mode is very bad, as the second player does almost nothing. And... thatīs it. Those are the cons of Super Mario Galaxy.

So, overall, this game is amazing. Even the Bee Suit. Even if you donīt like platforms. Even if you donīt have a Wii. Buy it.

10 / 10


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