Striking writers doing games?

It's either that or going outside.

The writers' strike over in Americaland may be causing problems for television and film companies, but it could end up driving TV and film talent in videogames' direction if a report from Variety is anything to go by.

According to a source quoted by the Hollywood daily, "The literary agents are now saying, 'Why don't we get our clients over there during the strike?' even though in the past they thought the money wasn't good enough or the work is too demanding."

Okay, so William Monahan and Michael Arndt probably aren't going to turn up writing menu screens for the next Need For Speed (not least because videogame publishers are hostile toward unions anyway - as EA_spouse will probably tell you), but it's an interesting point. If next Christmas's blockbusters are slightly more convincing than usual, maybe you should thank to Writers Guild of America for the absence of dropships.

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