EGTV: Street Fighter IV Expert Guides

Focus Attack-Dash-Cancel.

"This is, in almost every way that matters, the perfect Street Fighter," beamed Simon in his review of Capcom's latest and greatest. But how close are you to becoming the perfect Street Fighter?

Don't know your Rufuses from your Ryus? Hadokens and Hurricane kicks checking out, but looking to raise your game and master the dark arts of Focus, Ultras and EX attacks? Either way, we're here to help.

Eurogamer TV spent a day with Capcom Europe's resident Street Fighting Man Leo Tan, who gave us a masterclass on the core mechanics and the techniques currently being employed by the world's best players.

In case you're wondering, he's using the peerless Arcade FightStick: Tournament Edition from MadCatz' impressive official controller range since, particularly on 360, the standard joypad is woefully inadequate for high-level play. All rounds were played and captured on the 360 version, and if you care about platform one-on-one fighting, there's also our Street Fighter IV PS3 and 360 head-to-head.

Getting your head - and your hands - around special moves has never been easier thanks to the generous input windows in SFIV. But if you have ambitions to be classier than a million Kens all fireballing furiously into the void, these guides aim to help you understand the subtleties of the fighting system and set you on the road to Street Fighting greatness. Our selection isn't exhaustive, as you'll notice: Leo picked the characters he thinks are the best. Good luck.

The Basics

Never played Street Fighter before? Here's a look at the absolute fundamentals of the game so even the most cack-handed of novices can toughen up and compete.

Street Fighter IV: Experts' Guide - The Basics


Focus is the major addition to the core Street Fighter repertoire. This shows you how it works and how to use it to devastating effect.

Street Fighter IV: Experts' Guide - Using Focus


This new addition has, according to Leo, "the widest selection of moves on offer".

Street Fighter IV: Experts' Guide - Abel

El Fuerte

To get the most out of the angry chef in the wrestling mask, you need to master the Command Run.

Street Fighter IV: Experts' Guide - El Fuerte


Another new character, big-boned Rufus has a particularly handy EX attack for when you're under pressure.

Street Fighter IV: Experts' Guide - Rufus


If you've played Street Fighter before, this is the guy whose moves your most likely to remember. Time to learn something other than jump, jump, fireball.

Street Fighter IV: Experts' Guide - Ryu


Another series veteran, and one Leo appears to have an unhealthy obsession with, here's how to get the most out of China's finest.

Street Fighter IV: Experts' Guide - Chun-Li


Thanks to friendly input windows, the mighty Russian's deadly arsenal of moves is accessible to all.

Street Fighter IV: Experts' Guide - Zangief

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