Street Fighter IV screenshot

Plus first gameplay details.

Details have finally emerged about how Street Fighter IV will work and, indeed, what it looks like.

The latter's probably the most interesting bit and comes courtesy of the first screenshot over at 1UP.

It sees a fat-legged Ryu standing in front of a street scene where NPCs can be seen pottering around and generally ignoring the oddly posed man a few feet away.

According to 1UP - which is trailing a preview in the January 2008 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly - gameplay will be 2D, with new moves, locations and gameplay features, but with the standard six-button control scheme.

Ryu and Ken are said to be back, as are Chun-Li and Dhalsim, but the rest of the characters involved are a mystery.

For more on Street Fighter IV, platforms for which are still officially unconfirmed, check out the first cinematic reveal and our summary of the Capcom Gamers' Day that saw its announcement.

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