Steam survey under way

Lovely hardware.

Valve has begun a new Steam Hardware Survey to check out what sort of PC you play on.

It is optional, of course, and lets the developer stroke its chin as it absorbs the data - deciding what it needs to support and how high-end it should make things.

Current results show that you clearly have too much money to spend on these things - chiefly Nvidia and Intel.

If you really feel a little educational you can have a nose around the survey results from the spring and plot yourself a graph to see what has changed. We did this earlier and had amazing fun.

The survey coincides with a Steam client update made up of various niggling bug-fixes, the biggest being to remedy pre-loaded versions of Call of Duty 4: Modern CombaWARFAREIMEANTWARFARE refusing to launch. Oops.

Pop over to the official Steam site to keep track of all the goings on.

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