StarCraft II melting graphics cards

Blizzard offers temporary solution.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty has been melting graphics cards.

The - literally hot - Mac and PC game ships with no frame-rate limiter, which means processors with "insufficient" cooling will happily burn themselves out.

"Screens that are light on detail may make your system overheat if cooling is overall insufficient," warned Blizzard (via DailyTech). "This is because the game has nothing to do so it is primarily just working on drawing the screen very quickly.

"A temporary workaround is to go to your Documents\StarCraft II\variables.txt file and add these lines: frameratecapglue=30 frameratecap=60. You may replace these numbers if you want to."

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty was released last Tuesday and stampeded to the top of the UK charts. Eurogamer's StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty review is tip-toeing nearer. What will it get, what will it get? Depends if Oli's graphics card melted.

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