StarCraft II beta registration open

If you own a Blizzard game (not EU WOW).

Blizzard has opened the opt-in process for the beta test for its RTS sequel, StarCraft II.

You'll need a new account with at least one Blizzard game registered to it in order to sign up. You can do so at's beta profile settings page.

There's a hitch for European players, though. It's not yet possible to associate European World of Warcraft accounts with accounts, meaning you'll need to own a copy of one of Blizzard's other games in order to register for the beta now.

Blizzard says it should fix this before the StarCraft II beta begins in Europe.

"We plan to add the ability to merge a World of Warcraft account into a account in Europe prior to the European phase of the StarCraft II beta, so that World of Warcraft players there will have a chance to participate," the company says in the beta FAQ.

If you really can't wait to sign up, you could always buy a copy of Diablo II. It's only a fiver and it's awesome.

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