Star Trek Online moves into Season Two

New level cap, game price slashed to $20.

Atari and Cryptic have launched Season Two of their space MMO Star Trek Online, and cut the price of the retail game to $19.99.

The Season Two: Ancient Enemies update increases the level cap to 51, including new ranks to progress through in both the Federation and Klingon factions.

There are new Tier 5 ships, new gear rewards, and high-level versions of every Special Task Force mission and Fleet Action. Klingons get eight new Episodes to play through, while Federation players can enjoy the new Diplomatic Corps system which allows for peaceful interaction with new civilisations, just like Gene Roddenberry would have wanted.

Weekly feature Episodes will begin in August and Dabo, a casino mini-game, has been added.

Sounds like a substantial update, all told.

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