Star Trek live interview update

Apologies for the no-show.

Update #2: Cryptic has been in touch with the following message: "On behalf of Cryptic Studios we would like to apologise for missing today's scheduled live interview with Eurogamer and their readers to discuss about the launch of our new sci-fi MMO Star Trek Online. There was an unfortunate mix up with the scheduling of the interview on our part which meant that we were not able to join the interview and answer your questions. We would like this opportunity to say a big sorry to your disappointed readership and the editorial team over at Eurogamer." Thanks also to Craig for replying in the comments.

Update: I'm very sorry to say that Craig hasn't turned up, so we're not going to be able to do the interview after all. We've asked Cryptic for an explanation which we will post here as soon as it is provided, but at the moment one is not forthcoming. Needless to say we're very sorry for wasting your time and can only apologise for the inconvenience.

Tom Bramwell

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